At Doolin Paving Ltd. Company, there is truly no job too big or too small. Our comprehensive services for residential and commercial properties include:

Residential Paving:

> Paving
> Kerbing & Steps
> Walls & Flowerbeds
> Concrete & Imprinted Concrete
> Gravel
> Tarmac

Commercial Paving:

> Groundworks
> Commercial Flooring
> Commercial stairs/foot steps

Kerbing & Steps

Kerbs are adaptable for use in driveway edges, pathways, flowerbeds and in the construction of steps. They can be installed in various laying directions.

Steps can be used where there is a change in the ground height, often steps are used at doorways to enhance the entrance to a property. They are an attractive and popular feature.

Walls & Flowerbeds

Wall is perfect for landscape . Utilizing the rear-lip alignment method, Garden Wall easily builds straight, curved or terraced walls to fit the contours of your yard. Flowerbeds added to your paving will improve or soften the appearance. A raised flowerbed is easy to maintain and can also double as a garden seat.

Concrete & Imprinted Concrete

Concrete is appealing for many reasons. First, it’s an economical alternative to pavers and natural stone, especially for applications such as patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks. It also requires less maintenance than those materials because it has no joints where weed growth can occur. This is mainly down to the durability and quality of finish you can get over the normal types of traditional walling and paving. One of its major benefits is how new your drive can still look after 15 years, Pattern Imprinted Concrete really is durable and long lasting.


Gravel is an affordable outdoor paving material that can be installed quickly and easily. When used for paving, gravel has a very natural and casual appearance, making it an excellent option for cottage gardens. Gravel will last a lifetime and when laid over landscaping fabric it will block weeds. Gravel provides excellent drainage, allowing water to readily flow through to the dirt underneath.


Tarmac can be laid in many different varieties. It can vary in chip size to allow a smooth or coarse finish. You can choose asphalt to ensure a tight, smooth jet black finish to your driveway. Tar and chip allows a really nice finish to every driveway with the size of the chip and colour up to your own discretion. We can insert edging kerbs, block paved edge or even a cobble edge to enhance the tarmac or asphalt finish. We can install paving crossovers as well. The choices are huge and the finishing styles can truly be something unique.

Commercial Paving

We provide quality pavement solutions for governmental as well as commercial needs. Our products offer more design flexibility than traditional materials. You’ll save on material, labor and maintenance without sacrificing design. Concrete restoration will save time and expenses. a much better option then a rip out and pour new.

We can restore, concrete walkways, ramps, parking garages, pool decks, loading docks and any thing else concrete. As long as the concrete substraight is solidly sound, we can restore and make the surface much more durable and eye catching.