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Kieran Flanagan and Doolin Paving have been providing Paving and Lifestyle External Places for clients for over 25 years. In 2018, we introduced our Design & Consultancy Service specifically aimed at domestic and commercial customers. 

We meet with our clients via Phone, Zoom, or Whatsapp, we complete a site visit, and then we develop possible solutions for any hard-landscaping project, from a basic footpath or driveway to terracing, complete gardens and car parks. 

Our designers will prepare a draft plan, recommend materials, source those once-off items that add the finishing touch to a quality project.  

What we offer


We’ve been professionally designing paving projects and other paving based landscapes for the past 5 years. Each design comes with a fully detailed, scaled plan, a complete  bill of materials and a clear specifications. While we can also deliver this project, you are also free to chose a contractor of your choice. They will appreciate the detail we provide. 

We are also more than just paving. Doolin Paving can work on any other structures required, such as garden features, low walls, fencing, decking, gates, drainage, your childrens’ play areas and more. We engage with professional garden designers on projects  where a full landscape is needed. 

Our designs conform to construction industry standards and can be used by builders, architects, designers as well as landscapers and paving companies. 

We have the ability to turn your rough drawings into properly detailed buiding drawings. With certain brands/types of paving, we also offer a 3D rendered visualisation of the finished job.

All Doolin Paving’s creations are provided as electronic media in the form of graphic, text and CAD. We will provide all necessary detail drawings and specification. 

What we offer

Bill of Quantities.

Doolin Paving’s designs come supplied with a full list/bill of quantities. This enables the customer to see what materials are required for each part of the project, and also list other quantities such as excavation, specialist plant, or preparatory works. The bill of materials can be used by the customer who fancies a bit of DIY or Contractor to order materials and keep an eye on costs. All Bill’s of Quantities are supplied in Excel to allow you to adjust calculations if you make changes to the plan. 

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